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Important Dates

Submit Papers
By 1 June 2017
By 12 June 2017
Notify Acceptance
1 August 2017
Final Paper Due
1 September 2017
Extended to 15 September 2017
Author Registration
By 1 September 2017
Extended to 15 September 2017
16 to 19 Dec 2018
Bangkok, Thailand
The date and venue for IEEM2018 have been decided! Mark your calendars and join us in Bangkok for IEEM2018!

Presenter Guides Last updated: 16 Oct 2017

Guide For Oral Presenters | Guide For Poster Presenters

Presenter Guide - Oral

Presenters need to use the computers provided in the meeting rooms to present their materials. Total presentation duration is 15 minutes including time for Q & A and speaker changeover.

Please submit your presentation slides online (portal closes 04 December) for remote download onto the meeting room computers. Length of presentation material should be in accordance to your allotted time. We strongly encourage you to prepare the slides using the given PowerPoint template. Please do bring a backup copy of your slides in a thumb drive.

Please follow these steps to prepare and upload your presentation slides:

  1. Download PowerPoint slide template at
  2. Prepare your presentation slides according to the template.
  3. Log in to the Paper Submission System
  4. Click "My Papers" from the left menu
  5. Click on the Paper ID to view the paper details
  6. Scroll the page until you see the link to upload the presentation slides (see figure below). This option is only available to oral presenters.

Oral Presentation - Making the Presentation Onsite

  1. Prepare Your Presentation
    Length of presentation material should be in accordance with your time allotted. Total duration including Q&A and speaker changeover is 15 minutes for each talk. Please refer to the Final Schedule for actual presentation times. You are kindly requested to be at the presentation room at least 15 minutes before the session starts.

  2. Determine Your Audio-Visual Needs
    Each meeting room comes equipped with a laser pointer and clicker, computer, LCD projector and screen. The computers in the meeting rooms are being provided to Windows‐based PC users. The PC will be configured with Microsoft Windows operating system. Please bring your presentation files in Thumb drives only. For MAC-laptop users, please bring your own VGA adapter cable.

  3. Create a Backup Copy of Your Presentation
    We recommend that you bring at least 2 copies of your presentation to the meeting for backup purposes. Only thumb drives are acceptable.

  4. Give Your Presentation
    Be considerate to the other speakers and audience by staying within your allocated time. The allocated time for your presentation includes a discussion and a changeover to the next speaker. Session Chairs will hold you to the allotted time. This is essential to ensure adequate time for questions and discussion as well as adherence to the schedule. Please discuss the same material as reported in your abstract submission. At the end of the meeting, all presentation files will be destroyed.

Presenter Guide - Poster

Poster presentations will be held on Tuesday – 12 Dec 2017 in Nicoll 1-2 (Level 3) from 4pm to 6pm. Poster boards are pre-assigned and marked with your Paper ID. At least one author of your paper is expected to be present during the poster session.

Poster Set-upFrom 13:45 to 15:30
Poster Session (Presenter Attendance Required)From 16:00 to 18:00
Poster Tear-downBy 18:30 latest

Each presenter is provided with a 1m x 2.5m high poster panel. The presentation must cover the same material as the paper submitted. The poster should be 1 x A0 size in vertical/portrait format, measuring 841 mm length x 1189 mm height maximum.

  1. Place your Paper ID, Paper Title and Authors’ names prominently at the top of the poster to allow viewers to identify your abstract easily. Presenter’s name must be underlined and in bold letterings.

  2. Author’s names, e-mails and address information must be provided in case the viewer is interested in contacting you for more information.

  3. You have complete freedom in displaying your information in figures, tables, text, photographs, etc. in the poster.

  4. A successful poster presentation depends on how well you convey information to an interested (but not expert) audience. You may wish to structure your poster by including the background of your research followed by results and conclusions.

  5. You are strongly encouraged to use the given A0 sized poster template.

If you follow the A0 sized poster template and submit the file online by 17 November, we will print the poster for you.

Please follow these steps to prepare and upload your poster:
  1. Download A0 Poster Template at
  2. Prepare your poster according to the template.
  3. Login to the Paper Submission System
  4. Click "My Papers" from the left menu
  5. Click on the Paper ID to view the paper details
  6. 6. Scroll down until you see the link to upload the poster (see figure below)
    * Poster files should be uploaded in PDF format.

Some Suggestions on How to Prepare a Good Poster

  1. Design Clear and Concise Messages
    A poster that is overcrowded is unattractive and difficult to read. When showing results, present only those information that illustrate the main findings of the project when. Choose simple words and avoid long sentences.

  2. Easy to Read From a Distance
    The text of your poster should be large enough and easily read from a distance of 1.5 to 2 m. Suitable display size ranges from 19 pt for text to 70 pt for title. Here is the suggested guide:
    · Use 20 pt for text 70 pt for your title
    · For good contrast, chose a bolder font
    · Do not use all UPPER CASE as it makes your poster difficult to read

  3. A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
    Use graphs (instead of tables) to present numerical data